Business Relations:
A long term relationship.

Tom Van Varenbergh

Business Relations - Partner

Business Relations a separate line of service? Yes indeed!

At @ToGether we want to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with our clients, therefore we established a separate line of service called Business Relations. Regardless of the content of your business problem we want to be there for you.

From our experience we know that some challenges our clients are faced with are difficult to label.

Should this problem be covered by a financial consultant or should I contact somebody from the risk and compliance department? Will the solution to my problem be solved by a supply chain consultant or should I rely on IT expert?

Not always that easy to answer! At @ToGether we believe you should not answer this question! In case you have any business challenge, just contact us and we will listen.

Listing to you will allow us to bring you the best team and potential solution, regardless of our internal line of service.

Also, maybe you don’t have a technical challenge at first but you want a sounding board, a sparring partner, a coach… Again at @Together we might have the solution.

First we will listen to your concern and will allocate a coach to you, a coach who will dedicate some of his or her time to you, a coach who will establish a confidential relationship with you in order to help out, not only technical but also soft skills come into play. We like to call this our @ToGether buddy program.
Tom Van Varenbergh
Business Relations - Partner

@ToGether Academy

Is there a specific financial topic that you or your employees do not fully understand or do you want a tailored made update of a topic? @ToGether can definitely help you.

In consultation with you, we can develop a tailored made training program, going from accounting topics to financial transformation. In short, just about everything is possible.

Moreover, @ToGether is organising ‘round-tables’ or workshops on a regular basis during which we will discuss any relevant matter for your business and bring together some of the key-players in your industry. This is a great opportunity to learn from each other.

@ToGether Buddy

The @ToGether Buddy program is a reflection of a long term intensive cooperation with your company. Very often your company is somewhere between small and medium-sized, which means that you might not have the capacity and/or need to hire a permanent CFO. However, you would like to to remain up to speed with the latest developments and you wish to coach your finance team, but often you simply lack the time to do so…

Maybe @ToGether has the solution for you. The @ToGether Buddy program foresees that one of the partners or an experienced team member dedicates an agreed amount of his or her time for you and your company and in first instance listens to your wishes and needs. The @ToGether Buddy will become your personal sounding board, who will guide and support you and your company. Depending on your needs, financial advice, projects or interim staff can also be deployed.

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