Get to know @ToGether

@ToGether is a dynamic consultancy company which was established in 2017 and has a focus on finance in all of its aspects. @ToGether stands for affordable, transparent and result driven advices and support. All members of the @ToGether team have a Big4 background.

Grow your business to the next level.

The necessary knowledge and support is provided by the @ToGether team in collaboration with a permanent group of freelance employees who receive adequate coaching to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

Our core values are no-nonsense, sustainability, customer oriented, passion and dedication.

Our expertise includes:

Smooth business starts with good service

Tom Van Varenbergh

Business Relations - Partner

Gerdy Dezutter

Interim Management - Partner

Mieke Vandeputte

Finance as a Service - Partner

Kenneth Van der Elst

Finance as a Service - Director

Guillaume Surmont

Senior Consultant

Joery Verstrepen

Senior consultant

Anna Balashova

Junior consultant

Maaike Vermeiren

Consultant interim & office management

Noor Impens

Junior Consultant

Interested in joining the team?

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Why choose @ToGether?

Becoming a customer at @ToGether means becoming a customer of a business partner that wants to think along with you and your company in the long term. Our passion and dedication to offer a sustainable solution to your business problem is demonstrated in our daily approach and detailed advice.

We believe that advice should be tailored to you and your company, that is why we first listen to your needs and translate them into concrete action points.

We are convinced that you are better served with no-nonsense solutions that are affordable, concrete and applicable.

How do we do this?

Our @ToGether team has built up extensive knowledge and expertise, each in his or her own field. In addition, we team up with a fixed group of dedicated employees who are assigned to your project.

We can help you, both with specific questions or projects or when you need temporary support.